Adventures in Disorganization

I went dumpster diving this morning, Seattle-style, which means it was our MASSIVE recycle bin, not a garbage can.   It really made me thankful to live in a city committed to saving our planet, where each item of waste is carefully separated.  I practically climbed inside that giant bin.  In spite of getting soaked by all the empty-ish wine bottles, I did manage to find what I was looking for; my daughter’s outdoor school permission slip. I recalled filling it out and signing Sunday night, then it just disappeared.  I looked everywhere on Monday and could only conclude that in an effort to see my kitchen counter tops, I had swept it up into a pile of recyclable paper. 

It’s hard to explain the elation I felt upon finding that sacred purple piece of paper.  My daughter had worked abfab2herself up into a frenzy, convinced she would not be attending outdoor school with the rest of her 5th grade class. If they really threw the book at her,  she might be expelled.  My daughter and I have sometimes been compared to Edina and Saffy, the mother and daughter in the BBC series, Absolutely Fabulous. While this comparison may be hyperbolic, I admit I see some truth in it. I’ve been known to fly by the seat of my pants, while she is punctual, organized, and the complete opposite of a procrastinator. Incidentally, there is no true antonym in the English language for procrastination.  Is this because it’s a rare gene mutation?

So dumpster dive I did, and off we went to school.  My feelings of goodwill after finding my needle in the haystack of recyclables carried forth through my commute.  I actually let a car turn left onto Mercer in front of me, waving the gal in, enthusiastically, as if she were my long-lost sister. I was feeling the need to give back to the universe kharmically.  Of course, I immediately regretted that selfless act, as the driver was slow and disoriented, but I did it! And I refrained from cursing at her.

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