Forehead Curtains

forehead curtains 4I recently cut bangs.  They really do hide a multitude of sins.  I couldn’t help feeling I was lowering curtains or blinds on my forehead, hence, a new phrase was coined. It’s like that old commercial for Mazola. “You call it corn, I call it maize.”  You call them bangs, I call them “Forehead Curtains”.  Perhaps it doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The new challenge; how to hide the sagging cheeks (AKA: jowls). Forehead curtains are fun and stylish.  Somehow I don’t think the “Cousin It” look is going to make a comeback any time soon, even to cover unsightly jowls. cousin it 2

I have noticed the best way to lift the 40+ year-old jowls non surgically is to smile.  And studies show if you smile, you actually will feel happier and have an overall sense of well-being.  Are you gagging right now? No, nobody died and made me Polly Anna, I’m just trying to look younger.

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