How About A Hawaiian Punch?

Hawaiin PunchHere is the second  installment of “All the Holiday Cards I Wanted to Send, but Never Did”. I debated between “So Glad You’re Not Here” and “Our Family Went To Hawaii, And All You Get Is This Effin’ Christmas card”.

My husband looks particularly strapping.  The wonderful thing about stock photography is we didn’t have to eat healthy, limit alcohol, or set foot in the gym, to be swimsuit and photo ready.  Not to mention the hours of excruciating pain my husband would have to endure waxing unsightly back and shoulder hair.

As we approached our first Christmas together, I suggested sending Christmas cards. My husband said, “Oh no, absolutely not.” At first I was dismayed; had I married the Grinch Who Stole Christmas? But my husband, ever the logical one, provided his well thought out reasoning. “People prominently display the cards they receive, and there is no way we can possibly remember to send a card to everyone we know. Invariably, someone we forgot will be at a mutual friend’s house, see the Christmas card on the mantle, and feel bad that they did not receive one.”

I suddenly felt so liberated. I can honestly claim the reason I don’t send Christmas cards is because I don’t want to risk hurting anyone’s feelings. Brilliant! However; I love receiving holiday greetings, and the idea of sending beautifully crafted cards, with my children looking angelic is so appealing. This year it occurred to me that I could indeed post Christmas cards on my blog. What an opportunity to share my holiday love with all my friends, and even people I don’t know.  While I might offend people with the content, I won’t hurt anyone’s feelings for forgetting them! This December, I am featuring all the holiday cards that I have wanted to send over the years, but never had the motivation, or permission, to do so!

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