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Bumper StickerBumper stickers have long been a way to tell the world how smart you are, how subversive, or just a great way to brag a little.  In a city like Seattle, bumper stickers offer a diversion from the ennui of traffic.  I love playing the bumper sticker game in my own head; I brainstorm ideas that could really capture the imagination of our nation’s commuters.  It’s not complicated like haiku. Keep it short and snappy, yet thought-provoking. Here are a few ideas I believe to be bumper sticker worthy:

1)      My Kids Are Highly Average

2)      Bad Driver On Board

3)      Sorry, I Didn’t Mean To Cut You Off

4)      IT’s  Not Coffee In My Starbucks Mug

5)      I ♥ Traffic

6)     Global Warming, Not My Problem – This one I would affix to the bumper of my SUV and I would distribute to all my SUV driving pals.  Of course, this is meant to be cheeky.

7)     My Other Car Is A Prius – Again for the large SUV, or other fossil fuel guzzling automobiles out there. This is meant to be taken literally.

8)      My Other Car Is A Hummer – For the Prius driver with a kooky sense of humor.

9)      Jesus Saves! He Must Be A Billionaire By Now  – This is simply a lesson in compound interest.

10)    Honk If You Love Jesus – An old classic that really deserves a “revival”.  I’ve noticed a lot of drivers in Manhattan really love Jesus.  In Seattle, not so much…why am I the only one honking?

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