The Emperor’s New Clothes

When spring slowly emerges from interminably dark, damp, winter days, it means two things; allergies and fashion. So I load up on Nasonex, Zyrtec®, and Prednisone, and obsessively peruse my favorite fashion apps and sites; chic feed, The Sartorialist, The Man Repeller, WWD. After hours of “research”, I’m ready to unleash my “Parisian It Girl”, street-chic-style. Drum roll please…

fashion accessory1) The accessory of the season is a door mat. I’m not kidding. If you don’t mickey mousebelieve me, please look at this photo. It probably helps if it’s Chanel, but I’m thinking the old-school plastic grass with daisies will do. I’m curious if it’s de rigueur to drop the mat, and wipe your feet before entering the fashion show?

2) Join the Mickey Mouse club.  Am I so fashion backward that I’m thinking this Mickey Mouse look is a little Goofy?

3) The frustration pencil headdress. The similarities here are uncanny. green stress head collageI would find it impossible to resist the temptation to shake this renowned fashionista violently to and fro, for maximum fluffy-head effect.

I’m also completely inspired, and gearing up for fall. This is what we can anticipate for 2014 fashions, when the leaves turn autumnal amber and crimson. blanket

1) Linus is looking for his blanket. I admit, the over-sized sweater and sweater-pants look awfully cozy, but what happens when a rain storm hits? This blanket is going to weigh about 200 lbs.; soaking up water like a sponge. This poor model only weighs 95 lbs. grizzly cub2

2)  Call the veterinarian! This grizzly bear is crowning; and giving birth to a runway model cub. Oh dear, did I just go too far?

3)  An unsung hero of Warner Brother’s Looney Tuneselle-10-fall-2014-trends-western-h-lgn has his day in the sun. Forget lining up to meet Sarah Jessica Parker at your favorite department store, this year it’s all about Yosemite Sam.

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