The True Holy Grail

parties2Once Halloween hits, the official holiday party season ramps up, and is in full swing by Thanksgiving. And where there are parties, there are hangovers.  I think Dan Brown had it all wrong. The true Holy Grail, protected by the knights of Templar and pursued by heads of state, is the cure to the hangover.  Think about it; the symbol is a chalice, and the world’s longest running conspiracy began over wine, at the Last Supper.  Would not the knowledge to cure hangovers make someone all powerful?

As a participant-observing, cultural anthropologist, I’ve done some research on this subject over the years.  Sure, one could always abstain from alcohol or limit intake, but let’s be real here.  Quite frankly, I’m surprised that modern science has not devoted more time and energy to this malaise.  Think about the loss of productivity each and every day, all over the world, due to the “Jack Daniels Flu”.  Surely if someone cured the common hangover, they would find themselves accepting the Nobel Prize for Medicine.  Until that day, we are forced to craft our home remedies, and hide in the shadows devouring hamburgers, and French fries, accompanied by an ice cold Coca-Cola.


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